Blood of a Kind CD + Bordeaux T-shirt + Grave Party CD

Blood of a Kind CD + Bordeaux T-shirt + Grave Party CD


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Blood of a Kind CD Album

1. Dunkelstein
2. Creep It Into You
3. Cold Blood Inside
4. Zombie Love
5. Sex In Church
6. Kiss You In Hell
7. Pale white Dracula
8. Die Better
9. Misery Revisited

Blood of a Kind Bordeaux T-shirt

Screen printed front only. Gildan cardinal red t-shirt.

Grave Party CD Album

01. Rave To The Grace
02. Lady Cry
03. Terminate Me
04. Bleed Sister Bleed
05. Dancing Shadows
06. Suicide Girl
07. The Last Valentine
08. Creeping Skies
09. Angels (Making Love In The Dark)
10. Sexy And Undead
11. You Make Me Feel Like Nothing
12. On The Road 66
13. Thirteen

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