9 Nov 2018

Schattenwelt Festival, Vienna, Austria
4:00 pm

On November 9th + 10th, Vienna, with its 4th Schattenwelt-Festival, will again be the center of the Gothic & Dark-Electro scene!


With 22 international live acts + DJ floors & shopping area, and more, everything is ready for the next great showdown in Austria!

If you are the owner of a store, DJ, photographer, exhibitor, or interested in promotion or any kind of sponsoring partnership, please don't hesitate to contact us via Facebook or at www.schattenwelt-festival.at for all further details.

------------ SHUTTLE TRANSFER -------------

--> There will be a free bus transfer during the night from the Festival to Vienna City (underground station)
--> Another bus transfer at night will be heading for Bratislava (Hlavná Stanica)
--> During the day the Multiversum is easy to reach which the S-Bahn 7, cause the Schwechat train station is just behind the festival building!

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